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There’s no question that every business needs a website. Still, just having a website isn’t enough to attract leads, convert them into paying customers, and retain their business for the long haul. A slow-loading site, lack of mobile responsiveness, and clunky user experience will drive users away and prevent you from growing your business online.

In one study commissioned by Google, decreasing mobile site load times by just one-tenth of a second improved conversion rates significantly. Another study found that not having a mobile-responsive design is a top reason visitors might leave a website. (Source: HubSpot)

Don’t waste your time with one-size-fits-all page builders that cut corners and won’t achieve your desired results. At QueueTier, we create fast, responsive, SEO-optimized WordPress sites that are not only beautiful, but are based on the most up-to-date best practices in the worlds of web design and development, WordPress, and SEO.

All of our websites are:

Custom Built

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to creating an impactful website for your business. Each site that we build is personalized to your unique needs, from the overall design down to individual pages of your website. By creating custom-built themes, our in-house graphic designers are able to tailor the look and feel to match your business objectives, branding, and messaging, with custom images, logos, icons, infographics, and other media.

Optimized for Search Engines

Search engine optimized content is the backbone of your online marketing efforts. It’s what the major search engines like Google and Bing use to determine which sites will show up in search engine rankings. By optimizing your content, images, videos, and pages to rank well in search engines, we help you appear higher in organic search results, allowing more of your customers to find you online. We are also continually staying ahead of any search engine updates that may impact your rankings.


The speed at which your site loads directly impacts whether a user will stay on your site. A slow-loading website is one of the number-one reasons a visitor will leave your website, or bounce. At QueueTier, we build your site with speed in mind, ensuring you have a fast-loading website that encourages visitors to stick around, browse, and convert into paying customers.

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

Lack of responsiveness across devices is another reason visitors might leave your website. Billions of people access the internet using their mobile devices, and some of those people are your potential customers. This is why we focus on building mobile-friendly, responsive websites that are optimized for both smaller screens and desktop devices. That way, no matter where your visitors view your site, they’ll have a seamless user experience and will be less likely to bounce.

Easy to Edit & Maintain

Although all of our websites are custom-built in WordPress, they are easy to edit and maintain after we hand over your finished site. WordPress allows for flexibility in your content management processes, so that anyone with proper permissions can add or edit content. If you have new products, product news, updates, or other important information that needs to be added or changed, you’re able to log in and make edits in-house or allow a third party to do so. If you prefer, QueueTier can manage all edits on your behalf.

Our Web Design Process

Our web design process begins with a conversation about your goals, which helps us formulate a strategy for building your website. If you have an existing website, we’ll determine whether any of your current content should be migrated to WordPress, while also identifying any opportunities for new content to help you meet your goals. From here, we’ll blueprint the main pages and navigation of your website.

Next, our content writers will deliver any new content to your site, and, once approved, we’ll add the new content and/or migrate any existing assets to your site. In either case, we’ll add fresh imagery to give your site an instant facelift. Lastly, we’ll finalize all SEO elements for all pages and launch your brand-new website.

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    Why We Build With WordPress

    Easy to Maintain

    One of the primary benefits of running on WordPress is it allows anyone to make small changes or add new pages/posts without them needing to know how to write code.


    The WordPress core is maintained by a world-class team of security experts, constantly updated, and relied on by over a third of the top 1 million websites.


    With over 59,400 free WordPress plugins available, there are plenty of solutions and extensions available to meet your needs and empower your business to grow.


    WordPress powers a whopping 40% of all the websites on the internet – with a market share that is still growing. As the most popular CMS platform, it will receive updates for many years.

    WordPress Integrates With Many Powerful Solutions

    Our team ensures your website integrates seamlessly with many industry leading tools and technologies.
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    WordPress has become the go-to website-building platform and content management system for business owners and bloggers. It powers nearly one-third of the world’s websites, from small, personal blogs to large, complex sites at major corporations. With multiple options for customization and a user-friendly interface, WordPress is the ideal choice for your website needs.

    From full-service ecommerce shops and online portfolios to podcasts and blogs, WordPress is able to serve businesses in all different industries. When we build your site in WordPress, you can be sure you’re getting a fast, responsive design with built-in SEO that will help you achieve higher search engine rankings — whether you have an existing site that needs to be migrated or you need a site built from scratch.

    We’ve got your digital needs covered.

    Our Web Design & Development Services

    Graphic & Logo Design
    Content Writing
    Custom Themes
    Search Engine Optimization
    Online Advertising
    Sitemap Planning
    Optimized Code
    Keyword & Market Research

    Website and Web Development Pricing

    Every business has unique needs and a different budget. That’s why we don’t have one single pricing model to fit every business. Our goal is to build you the best website and digital presence for your dollar by scaling to meet your budget requirements.

    We customize our pricing to fit every need and budget, from small projects to large, multi-page designs. To determine pricing, it all begins with a strategy call to discover your unique goals, target audience, and desired KPIs — so we can build a website that tackles your most pressing business challenges and sets you apart from the competition, without breaking the bank.

    Your website is the most powerful marketing tool you have, and it’s a direct reflection of your business. It’s essential that your site is working hard on behalf of your entire brand, like an extension of your sales team working around the clock while you focus your energies on other areas of your business.

    We make sure that every dollar you invest is giving you the best bang for your buck. With QueueTier, you’re not just getting a website; you’re putting yourself on the digital map in a way that attracts your target audience and keeps them engaged.